METAL MAIDENS #32/June 2003***Live From Phoenix

Live From Phoenix
(Karma Records Group)

The music of JARRA can best be compared to early DIO, early SCORPIONS
 and early BLACK SABBATH (just listen to the opening riffs of Pain ).
 Traditional heavy metal, so to speak.

 Which is cool, because there aren't too many traditional metal bands around anymore in the scene.
 JARRA will keep the spirit alive though on this great live CD,
that is released on Kathie's own record label Karma Records Group.

Kathie's solo album, "Bleed", should be out soon too.
 Until that time, we can enjoy this "Live From Phoenix" release.

Reviewed by: Rita Van Poorten-Wiegel (chief-editor)
Upcoming issue: MM#32/June 2003***Live From Phoenix